Zirconia sintering furnace

e.ON sinter fast

Zirconia sintering furnace e.ON sinter fast by Ugin Dentaire presents in a compact volume and ergonomic design, state-of-the-art equipment and outstanding performances, such as sintering single units in just one hour.

The 40 programs increase the possibilities for long and very short sintering cycles.
e.ON sinter fast is therefore the equipment of choice for the rapid production of some unitary elements in dental laboratory or dental clinic.


  • High-definition colour touch screen 7’’ (155mm x 87mm)
  • Cycle time: from one to several hours depending on the zirconia
  • Maximum temperature 1750°C
  • Temperature accuracy ±1°C
  • Maximum heating rate 65°C/minute
  • 1 heating element in MoSi2 (Molybdenum Disilicide)
  • Thermocouple double component Platinium/Rhodium
  • 1 crucible for sinterizing (capacity up to 5 single units)
  • 40 free programs with 40 possible stages for each program
  • Graphical cycle visualization
  • 4 display languages: French, English, Italian, Spanish
  • Available space (height, diameter): 30mm x 35mm on crucible
  • External dimensions (height, width, depth): 550mm x 330mm x 430mm
  • Weight: 29 Kg
  • Maximum power consumption: 2 kW
  • Supply voltage: 230V (50/60 Hz)