Centrifugal induction casting machine

Ducatron quattro

The centrifugal induction casting machine Ducatron Quattro is made for melting all dental alloys except titanium.

Silent, streamlined technology

The DC gear motor drive gives a silent-running system.

  • Higher starting torque
  • No more need to adjust belt tension.
  • Low noise level.
  • Vibration free.

Easy integration

  • Completely stand-alone system, only requires a 10/16 A earthed plug.
  • Closed circuit cooling system.
  • Tough yet compact design fits neatly into your workspace.


  • Coolant level warning light.
  • Generator warning light.
  • Cover lock indicator.
  • Front-mounted double-pole mains circuit breaker.

Ergonomic, energy-saving design

  • Clear view of the alloy fusion process.
  • Touch button control panel.
  • Intuitive, straightforward controls.
  • Timed end-of-cycle shutdown of the cooling pump.
  • Auto standby function when idle for 5 minutes.


  • No special maintenance required apart from the cooling level (once a year).
  • The coolant level can be checked annually using the front-mounted operating panel.
  • Includes a wide range of accessories for immediate use: 5 crucibles (2 Silicarb, 3 Silicast 2000), 1 Silicarb glassy carbon insert, 1 quartz rod, 4 rubber bases 1X-3X-6X-9X, 4 metal rings 1X-3X-6X-9X, 1 fork for 6 cradles 1X-3X-6X-9X-D.42-D.92


  • Fusion:
    • Generator frequency: 130 KHz
    • Fusion capacity: 60 g of alloy
    • Power adjustable from 20 % to 100 %
  • Injection:
    • Centrifugation speed: 450 rpm
    • Two start modes: fast (for non-precious and semi-precious alloys) and moderate (for precious alloys)
  • External dimensions (height, width, depth): 980mm x 600mm x 620mm
  • External dimensions open cover (height, width, depth): 1120mm 600mm x 620 mm
  • Weight: 95 Kg
  • Maximum power consumption: 2500 W
  • Generator power consumption: 2000 W
  • Supply voltage: 230 V (50/60 Hz)