UGIN NEWS | Digitalisation and new challenges in 2024

Publié le 09/07/2024

We are almost halfway through this new year, and so far 2024 has brought along many new challenges as well as opportunities to connect with you all. It has been especially fun to be present at many trade fairs and events around the world: like every year in February we took part in AEEDC - UAE International Dental Conference and Arab Dental Exhibition in Dubai, which turned out to be a great success. We also attended IDEX – the Istanbul Dental Equipment and Materials Exhibition and flew all the way to Singapore for the very first time to take part in IDEM - The Leading Dental Exhibition and Conference for the Asia Pacific. All these were fantastic opportunities to meet old and new friends and partners and we thank everyone who visited and reached out to us in all these occasions. 

In the meanwhile, we also continued to work hard to bring our future projects to life and our headquarters have been buzzling with activity. As it becomes clear that the industry is pushing more and more in the direction of a digitalization of processes and machinery, we have embraced the change and the challenges this brings along. We have spent the last few years studying and designing new products, as well as finding ways to update older ones, to meet the expectations of our partners and customers. Nowadays we have an outstanding line of sintering furnaces, with a complete range of equipment that consists of three state-of-the-art machines, the e.ON Sinter Base, e.ON Sinter Fast and e.ON Sinter Fast +. Our line of ceramic furnaces is also renowned for its reliability and efficiency, with ceramic furnace Artis Neo remaining our number one bestseller worldwide, and the e.ON 200 neo and e.ON 250 neo offering new incredible opportunities.

All these new and powerful machines feature modern designs, with big colour touch screens and operating systems running on Android, which guarantee efficiency and accessibility and make them reliable companions for dental technicians in their everyday work.

In the effort to always level up the quality and user experience of our products, we have also spent the last several months working on significant improvements that will roll out in the second half of the year. Bringing the latest technological tools into the dental field, these highly anticipated changes will result in an important support that will simplify the work of dental laboratories and boast their productivity. Therefore, we will have great news coming your way after the summer: we still can’t reveal too much, but there will be significant improvements in our products and services, in line with our desire to always provide you with the best possible tools and machinery.

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